Adwoa Gyimah Brempong

Adwoa Gyimah Brempong

Storyteller, editor, strategist.

In love with the power of stories to transform. When I'm not writing, you can find me in the garden, in the kitchen, or on a plane. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College, in Oakland.

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Palesa article

#RethinkFinance: MasterCard Scholars • EPoD @ Harvard Kennedy School

If you had to describe the course in a single adjective - what would it be?

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#RethinkFinance 5: Refine • EPoD @ Harvard Kennedy School

She finishes with a second to spare. “Does anyone have any questions?” More than half of the hands in the room shoot up, along with Asim Khwaja’s eyebrows. “This is going to be fun,” he enthuses.

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#RethinkFinance 4: Implement and Test • EPoD @ Harvard Kennedy School

“We are at the moment of the greatest democratization of financial services in history – and also the most vulnerable.”

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#RethinkFinance 2: Diagnose • EPoD @ Harvard Kennedy School

“The poor think about money all the time. You and I think about money as a hobby.”

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#RethinkFinance 3: Design • EPoD @ Harvard Kennedy School

How do you bring strong voices with disparate ideas together for productive discussion?

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#RethinkFinance 1: Identify • EPoD @ Harvard Kennedy School

History is changing, and the biggest driver of that change is often literally in our hands. Access to financial services hovers below 39% in much of the developing world, but 80% of the same population has access to a mobile phone.

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Six Months On, PolicyHack Still Builds Bridges • EPoD @ Harvard Kennedy School

ndia’s rise as one of the twenty-first century’s technological powerhouses has been well documented and discussed. But government has lagged in harnessing technology, which has often led to gaps in their ability to solve the problems they face.